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We help your company stay ahead of the curve of change.

Every industry is being disrupted. Technology is moving at an unprecedented pace, and only companies that learn to innovate faster will survive. The New York Consulting Group (皇冠体育app) helps companies understand what their customers want most so they can quickly build and implement smarter businesses strategies to compete and win. 皇冠体育app helps companies learn how to adapt to change faster, then ultimately outpace change to avoid being disrupted and out-innovated. 

皇冠体育app consists of world-leading content experts and thought leaders that focus on six critical strategies every business must do well to win; Leadership, Branding, the Customer Experience, Sales, Business Design, and Cyber Security. Each area of expertise dovetails with the next to help companies out-innovate and outmaneuver their peers giving them a true competitive advantage and leadership position in the market. 

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New York City
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North America
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Middle East/North Africa


We consult and train in 3 critical areas of business.



Communication, Performance, Motivation, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Writing and Presentation Skills, and Team Building.


Innovation, Branding, Growth Strategies, Disruption Preparation, Change, Business Design, Sales, Social Media, and Entrepreneurism.


Cyber Security, Enterprise IT Lifecycle, Mobile Device Management, and Cloud Design Delivery and Management.


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
— Steve Jobs



The Biggest Brands in the World Trust 皇冠体育app



Regional challenges require innovative approaches—now.

The Middle East and North Africa face critical challenges that require new ideas and strategies for sustainable growth. 皇冠体育app can help your company explore new ideas for investment and growth to compete and win on the world stage.



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Contact us to discuss your goals and challenges or set up a brief meeting, and we'll provide a short proposal to help keep you ahead of change. Some clients engage us for just strategy sessions or workshops, while others retain us for ongoing support and input to help guide their team over time. Either way, we can help you implement a strategy that will give you a competitive advantage in an increasingly challenging market.

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